The H2OME is more than an underwater habitat, it is the
only one-atmosphere (e.g. surface pressure) underwater
home design in the world today. It features over 3600 square
feet of undersea living space with panoramic views from every
room. From the elegant undersea dining room to the magnificent
bedroom suite, the H2OME brings the ocean-enthusiast as
close to the ocean world as possible - without getting wet. And,
it is important to understand that the entire H2ome remains at
surface pressure, so there is no pressure change when
entering the H2ome via elevator or stairs.

The main floor features an elegant underwater entry way with
lounge seating, luxury undersea dining room with breathtaking
lounge areas, library, bar, office and a fabulous underwater
bedroom suite all with incredible views. The H2ome is completely
versatile and we can create a custom floor plan that precisely
meets your needs.



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