h2ome underwater habitat
Construction & Installation

Your H2OME is built by U.S. Submarine Structures in
components at our yard. We also produce the acrylic
panels to our specifications by post-processing
thermoforming and annealing. We then transport all
components to a floating drydock for assembly and
testing. The interior is ordered from a supplier
specializing in 5-star hotel interiors and superyacht
interiors. This firm fits and assembles the interior
components and then packs them in containers and ships
the components to us where they do the installation.

The completed structure is floated off the drydock and
is then picked up by a semi-submersible heavy lift ship
which transports the H2OME to the site. Previously,
piles have been driven into the sea floor and the
H2OME is floated into place, keyed to the piles and
then ballasted for a slow descent toward the sea floor
where it is then bolted to the piling several inches
above the sea bottom. The piling tops are cut off
and the umbilical cables run to the access pier and
connected. In this way, your undersea residence is
available for your use only 48 hours after delivery.

A completely autonomous version of the H2ome can
also be provided and requires no connection to shore.
Power and water are generated in the unit complex
and no pier is necessary. Access can be by boat, or
even by submarine.